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Comic Book Think Tank

The web site “” is the creative playground of Ron Perazza and Daniel Govar – comic book professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of creative and technical areas. It’s a place where we can explore what comics are (or can be) and where we can share the results of those experiments with any and all who are interested. Ron Perazza and Daniel Govar facilitated the creation of the Yanapax viewer, providing recommendations and suggestions.



Report any issues or bugs that you find with the Yanapax player here. Please, be as descriptive as possible, detail what operating system, browser/version were in use.

If you have a suggested solution, please share it here. Thank you!


Beta 3 is ready!

The Beta 3 of the Yanapax Comic Book Player is ready. I added the following new features:

  • Chapters Main Menu
  • User configurable transitions between pages, the transition duration can be specified by the author.
  • Auto play mode configurable on the fly by the user. The auto play delay can be specified by the user.
  • I rewrote the preloading Indicator.
  • Swipe navigation (previous and next page) on the iPad
  • User friendly help screen. Thanks to Dan Govar for designing the overlay Help screens.
  • Easy to customize screen buttons. Thanks to Dan Govar for designing the new screen buttons.

Download the Beta 3 here.